I'm a Freelance 3D Artist & Motion Designer, currently based in Dubai.

My interest in design and the creative field developed through photography, which I had picked up back in 2008.
After a couple of years of scrambling through tutorials and teaching myself Photography, Photoshop and design basics, I decided to take the next step and enroll into design college to get a degree in Graphic Design.
There I learned new skills and polished my existing ones, built connections, improved my communication skills and most importantly learned that I had made the right career choice.

Shortly after graduating college I transitioned to 3D, which brought completely new possibilities and ways of working. This allows me to combine the fundamentals of good design and photography principles with 3D to create work that I would never have been able to create before.

Currently I'm working from home full-time on cool projects with cool people from all over the world.


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